1. The Deal
  2. Walking Away
  3. Sunshine Garden
  4. There She Is
  5. Mag Girl Download
  6. Amsterdam Ray
  7. Dancin’ Girl
  8. Wrong Night
  9. Don’t Look Back

New album recorded in Berlin, Brescia and Texas. A collection of 13 previously unreleased songs, a tasteful mix of blues, rock and pop. BERLIN: basic trax produced, arranged and recorded by Luca Gallina at Gallo'studio november 2007/february 2008 (  ITALY: baritone guitar recorded in Pezzazze, drums recorded at Rena's house except trax 4/7/8/9 recorded and mixed at Poddighe Studio by Andrea and Carlo Poddighe ( TEXAS: Vocals and Percussion recorded and produced by Larry Chaney and Elizabeth Lee at Jambkitchen Studios  Dog day produced, performed, recorded and mixed by Larry Chaney, also additional production and recording on Honest Criminal and Willie ( mixed by Luca Gallina in March 2008 at Gallo'studio Esenta di Lonato mastering by Dario Caglioni all songs written by Luca Gallina and Elizabeth Lee  photos by Melissa Nucci cover artwork "Honest Criminals" by Elizabeth Lee cd design by Luca Ducoli up the east 3' 49'' get it up 4'28'' she's so lonely 3'04'' thai babylon 3'48'' woe is me 3'11'' el mojo 3'40'' hey 4'50'' let's rock 4'18'' queen of the water 3' 44'' you speak so good 3'18'' willie 2'03'' honest criminals 4'09'' dog day 5'10'' the band: Elizabeth Lee: vocals and percussion Luca Gallina: guitars and programming Luca Manenti: baritone guitar Federica Zanotti: drums Guests: Larry Chaney:...all "the dude" background vocals  Tom Blacksmith: harmonica on trax 5/6/9 ( Fulvio Sigurtà: trumpet on Honest Criminals